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Throughout the history of the world, Imperialism is a factor which brought cultural diversity. It has brought the world new ideas and technology through both positive and negetive effects to different countries.

There are many positive effects which imperialism has brought to the world. It has brought many poor continents, such as Africa and Asia, the ability to manufacture and produce goods which could ot have been produced before. This is proved as stated in document I, "Under [the progressive nations I direction, these places can yeild tropical fruit. "This shows that the poor countries could not produce or did not know how to produce & manufacture efficiently. When the progressive nations" colonized, they taught how to efficiently produce & manufacture. The "progressive nations also helped protect the colonized nation and helped build up the military power of that nation to a certain extent. They also helped westernize and modernize the nation building modern buildings, factories, transportation, and faster communication such as newspapers and telegraphs. They have given the poor countries help in becoming what they could not have done alone.

As Imperialism helped the poor countries, it has helped the imperialistic country also. Imperialism has given them different raw materials, resources and certain goods in which the "progressive nations" could not get themselves due to geographic and climatic problems. It has brought money and land to the imperialistic countries. In bringing land, it has brought under their control, the money and goods that the imperialistic countries themselves need.

As Imperialism brought good and prosperous aspects, it has brought many negetive aspects and effects as well. It has brought much death. The imperialistic countries have complete control. Many times the country heavily taxes the poor country to use their own land. As the poor countries prosper, the imperialistic countries become move and more greedy. They tax more and take land if they cannot pay. As shown in document #’s 2 and 7, the imperialistic countries are living wealthy off of the poor countries who do all the hard work. In document 2, it is shown that the imperialistic country uses the poor countries as slaves to live in luxury. In document 7, it shows that the imperialistic countries go and drain all the life out of the poor countries, not caring whether they live or die to gain all the gold they can get their hands on. Imperialism brought about predjudice. As stated in Document 6 and shown in Document 2, the imperialistic country thinks that the poor countries are "lesser" than they are thus using them as slaves and cheap ways of gaining money. Document 5 shows that the family was killed because of their better traits. It shows the imperialistic countries thinking mentality how they feel they are superior to the inferior or poor countries. Another aspect is war and chaos. Imperialism brought war and chaos in that in the efforts to extract every ounce of gold and resources, the poor countries have gone into increasing poverty as shown in India with British imperialistic rule. In many poor countries, there are many riots, peaceful and violent that usually are ended in violence and bloodshed. As is the case, many countries sent into a state of turmoil and chaos. In response to the violence, increasing poverty, heavy taxation and complete control, many contries have strived towards independence. This event causes Revolutionary wars and violence. This is because the imperialistic countries become greedy and do not want to give up the good land and easy money. In this sense, imperialism is a negetive aspect.

Of all the negetive aspects imperialism brought to the poorer nations, many opposing positive aspects were also brought about. Imperialism brought about the rising of many modernized nations and helped nations grow advanced technologically and politically. But as is the case in all positive aspects there is a price to pay which are the negetive aspects.


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