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my town:

This is a visual tour, through (mostly) recent paintings, of the place I have lived most of my life.  The scenes actually come from two connected towns, Pittsford and Mendon, NY.  This is an area of rural remnants, parkland and aggressive suburban development, just outside Rochester, NY. 

Paintings (in order of appearance):
1. Sunset Above Quaker Pond, 1999, oil on panel (black gesso), 7" x 7",  Private collection, Rochester, NY
2. Night Barn with House, 1999, oil on panel (black gesso), 5" x 12",  Private collection, Buffalo, NY
3. Backhoe, Pittsford, 1998, oil on panel , 8" x 11", $650
4. Zig-Zag, 1998, oil on paper (black gesso), 8" x 11", Private collection, Rochester, NY
5. Blue Dusk w/ Three Houses, 1993, oil on paper (black gesso), 8" x 12", Collection of Artist
6 Winter Pond w/ Blue Sky, 1999, oil on paper (black gesso), 4" x 8", $300
7. Reeds, 1998, oil on panel (black gesso), 8" x 13", $650







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