Sample Constructed Response: Grade 8


Instructions: Use the following magazine cover from 1876 to answer the two questions.

Title: "What Shall we Do With Our Indians?"


















1. Look at the magazine cover. What historical events would have led this question and this picture to appear on the cover of a popular magazine in 1876?

2. What attitudes displayed toward American Indians by other American are suggested by this magazine cover?


A complete response (3) answers both parts of the question and provides specifics. It may, for example, discuss disputes about western lands and the issue of reservations versus assimilation.

An essential response (2) answers both parts of the question although one part gives a general statement without providing any specifics. For instance the response may state that the issue is addressed on a magazine cover because "there were lots of arguments between the government and the Indians then"; or, the response may describe the attitudes of many other Americans by saying "they did not like the Sioux Indians."

A partial response (1) correctly answers only one part of the question. It may give two answers that are not wrong but both are very vague.

An inappropriate (0) response included only inappropriate material.

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