Pittsford Social Studies Standards

5 Thorough discussion; a full & balanced response to the question

Uses nearly all documents

Incorporates much accurate & relevant outside information

Contains no significant factual errors or misinterpretation of documents

Presents analysis which reflects understanding of complex issues

Recognizes patterns & distinctions, draws conclusions, & evaluates relative importance

Recognizes point of view where applicable

Writes a well developed essay consistently demonstrating clear & logical organization, including a strong introduction & conclusion and a clearly stated thesis

4 A good response, but may be unevenly developed

Uses most of the documents

Includes some supplementary information

Contains mostly accurate information and interpretation of documents

Shows some understanding/ analysis of complex issues

Evaluates evidence & formulates generally accurate conclusions

Well developed essay demonstrating clear plan of organization including a strong introduction & conclusion and a general thesis

3 Competent response to the question

Uses some of the documents

Contains little or no supplementary information

Attempts to formulate some conclusions: may contain some factual errors

Essay may be unevenly developed with a general plan of organization

Thesis missing, merely restates question or task

2 An incomplete response

Uses little information from the documents

No supplemental information

Draws vague conclusions; many serious errors

Writes a poorly organized essay lacking focus, vague or missing introduction or conclusion

1 Confused response

No use of documents

Misunderstands the question and/or responds in a dazed & vague manner

Essay demonstrates major weakness in organization, vague or missing introduction or conclusion

0 Fails to address the question

No response

Blank paper or illegible or indecipherable


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