Sample Constructed Response: Grade 5

Constructed response questions:

  • are open ended, short answer questions that measure application-level cognitive skills as well as content knowledge. No opinion questions.
  • use a range of primary and secondary stimuli and authentic "real world" examples including time lines, maps, graphs, cartoons, charts, and short readings.
  • are graded against specific criterion (employ a scoring rubric).

SampleRainforest.bmp (40278 bytes)


 1. According to the map most rainforests are located along which line of latitude?

a. The Tropic of Cancer.

b. The Equator

c. The Tropic of Capricorn

2. Which of the continents has all three lines of latitude running though it?

A. North America

B. Asia

C. Africa

D. South America

3. Explain why most rainforests are located along the same latitude.



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