Teacher’s Guide for Developing a DBQ Question

 Prepared By Theresa Noonan
7 –12 Social Studies Supervisor
West Irondequoit Central School District

Choose a major content area.

Write an essay question or task, which requires students to use higher-level thinking skill or to take a position. You an always revise the question later in the process.

Select appropriate documents. Be sure to consider:

  • Reading level (simplify or edit as required)
  • Length of documents
  • Graphic images
  • The necessary time for students to read and analyze documents/ plan and organize / write the essay

Sequence the documents chronologically.

Write a key question for each document. These scaffolding questions should help the student answer the main questions.

Prepare the rubric for evaluating the student’s work. Use the generic sate rubric model, but include specifics for each question.


Teaching With Documents

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