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Grading Policy Survey

Pittsford Central Schools
Pittsford, New York 14534
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Counselors at Pittsford Central Schools  are   reviewing our grading and ranking systems.

We have compiled a brief survey that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We invite you to participate in our anonymous survey; your input, thoughts and current systems are valuable to our information gathering.

Send us an email to let us know you've taken the survey.

We will be posting the results on our web site and we'll notify you through email of the final results.

There are four surveys to choose from, please click on the one that best defines your current grading and ranking system:

Survey 1 – Unranked Students, Unweighted Grades

Survey 2 – Ranked Students, Weighted Grades

Survey 3 – Ranked Students, Unweighted Grades

Survey 4 – Unranked Students, Weighted Grades



In Pittsford, we do not weight grades and we rank our students according to deciles (Sutherland provides specific rank for the colleges). Some district stakeholders have raised concerns about this policy.
We hope this survey will provide relevant data for our decision-making process. We our conducting a parallel survey of college admissions officers.

For the purpose of the survey we define the terms as follows:

  • Ranking – to hold a numerical position in relation to the rest of the class

  • Weighted Grade – adjusting a final average in respect  to the level of the course taken

    Special thanks to Rob Frank (SHS '99) for his assistance with survey construction.

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