The Best Places to Live 
in America



 Students will work in groups of 2 or 3. They will utilize the "Money Magazine" to develop a research project to find the "best city for you."

The results of the research will be presented to class in a PowerPoint presentation.


1. Utilize the research mechanism built into the website. Be sure to record the rankings for each category. 

2. Review the results of your search. Decide if you agree with the search results or if you want to go back and modify your search. Check to see how the statistics on the city chosen match up with the criteria that you ranked as most important.

3. Use the internet search engines to find out additional information about the city chosen. For example, use the cost-of-living indicator to compare cost between our city and your chosen city. Decide what it would take for you to be able to live there.

4. Select the most important information regarding the city selected and the rankings that were important to you. Use this information to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that highlights your project.

5. Be sure that your presentation communicates all of the following in an interesting, organized and effective manner:

  • The categories and rankings that were important to you, and why.

  • General information about the city selected.

  • Specific data that shows how this city meets the categories and rankings you selected.

  • What you learned from this project. For example, you might describe whether you agree with the results or where you’re actually thinking of living and why.


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