Community Action Project: Defining the Problem


Remember the goal is to define a problem in terms that will help you to identify possible solutions.

  1. What is the problem?

  2. What caused the problem?

  3. What can change the problem?

  4. Who is affected?

  5. Who stands to gain, who stands to lose in the current situation?

  6. When did this situation become a problem?

  7. Where do problems take place?

  8. Why is this problem happening?

  9. Why is this an important problem?

  10. What level of government is best equipped to deal with this situation?

(School district, village, town, city, county, state, federal)


  1. Your group will prepare a paper that fully answers each of the following questions. (Typewritten - minimum 3 full pages)

  2. The questions and your answers should be numbered and addressed in numerical order.

  3. Your group will turn in one copy of the same paper for each group member’s folder.

  4. The paper will be due on Monday, November 4th. Remember, the 8th is last day of the marking period.

  5. Your group will make a brief presentation of your work to class on November 4th or 5th.


 Peter Pappas Senior Consultant
International Center for Leadership in Education


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