Survey Rubric


Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria. To what extent does the project meet each of these quality indicators?

Research criteria

  1. A clearly stated research question.

  2. A well organized research plan, relevant to the research question.

  3. An evaluation plan designed to assess the data and answer the research questions.

  4. A conclusion that is logical, valid, and relevant to the research question and research plan.

  5. A reflection that details what was learned from the project – both its successes and problems.

  6. A clear description of how you conducted the project so that others could replicate our work.

Website criteria

Since this is the class' first attempt at web design,
allowances will be made for technical problems.

You should strive to produce a well organized and logical website that effectively uses hyperlinks, graphics and text to inform and educate the viewer. It should clearly showcase the research project and include the following elements:

  1. A start page with site guide

  2. A research question page, which clearly states what, you’re trying to find out and why it's important to you.

  3. A sample of your survey.

  4. The description of the people you polled and how you conducted the survey.

  5. A description of how you evaluated your data.

  6. Your conclusions that answer the research question. You might find you ere unable to answer the question. Tell us what went wrong.

  7. What you learned about research, surveys, web design

  8. Links to 5 other sites that are related to your research question and project.


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