Cultural Time Capsule


Assignment: Students will work in teams of 2 or 3 to develop a PowerPoint "Cultural Time Capsule." The presentation will be given to classmates  and it will be added to the class  website for presentation to future sociologists. The goal of the project is to effectively use visuals and text to send a message to the future about life and culture today. 

  • A title slide which captures the central theme about life today. You may choose your own theme to explore. Remember you are trying to send a "message to the future" about life today.  You can use a broad theme such as " The Age of Technology" or focus on  a narrow sub-cultural element such as "Extreme Sports" or "The World of the Homeless"  You are free to examine a uniquely American theme or approach the assignment at a more global level. 
  • At least 10 visuals taken from the internet. (see technical guide below). Each image should include both title and the internet source.
  • An interpretation slide should accompany each visual. It should explain how the image supports the central theme being explored.
  • A final summary slide should conclude the "presentation to the future" and give student credits.

Technical Guide

 Peter Pappas 

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