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Michael "Lucky" Voiselle

Michael "Lucky" Voiselle 
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Michael Lucky Voiselle is a twenty-eight year veteran teacher in chemistry, physics, and biological sciences. He has worked in the business sector in charge of a waste management facility where his duties included maintaining OSHA and DHEC guidelines, developing methods to reduce waste, and supervising 16 employees. He is currently a full time educational consultant and author of “High Fives, Cow Magnets, and Whimmydiddles”, (pdf) A Down Home Guide for Making Science Relevant and Fun.

He specializes in captivating the attention of students and shares strategies with teachers as he uses humor to teach topics perceived as ‘difficult’. Teachers find his unique teaching style and his fascination with scientific inquiry highly contagious. His presentations include: a plethora of wacky experiments designed to capture the imagination and heart of the budding scientist; the role of rigor and relevance in science instruction, problem solving, decision making, and inquiry; thematic lessons integrating math, science, language arts, and social studies; and the development of curriculum and assessments that are aligned with state standards and assessments.

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Sample Presentations

Strategies to Implement Rigor and Relevance. This presentation will begin with several concepts teachers need to eradicate concerning the traditional teaching style in order to meet the needs of today’s employers. We all are familiar with industry having to retrain students after they graduate from high school. Our system must change to produce a student product that is ready for the workplace. We need to develop new mind-sets and paradigm shifts. The presentation will contain strategies to make science and mathematics fun, real, relevant, and rigorous complementing Dr. Willard Daggett’s research indications.

Hands on Science Workshops for any Grade Level.  Elementary presentations are a specialty. This presentation can be adapted to any grade level to equip the teacher with a variety of experiments and teaching techniques that can be used the next day. Focus will be on conducting activities and experiments with a minimum dollar budget. Suggestions will be given using readily available household or discarded items to prepare science equipment that can be duplicated by the student to share with parents and friends. This technique will take the learning outside the classroom and facilitate upper levels of learning on Blooms’ Taxonomy. This presentation will model teaching strategies and assessment procedures rather than simply telling them. This workshop is highly energetic, fast paced, and hands on.

Hands on Workshops for Integrating Technology into the Science Classroom. This is appropriate for other subject areas. Teachers will leave this presentation with a technology curriculum unit that they will implement during the school year. This unit will incorporate computer technology into their lessons. Emphasis will be placed on using dynamic resources such as word processing programs, databases, digital cameras, scanners, science probes, and software. Teachers are taken through a step by step process to develop this unit. The process also includes problem solving and decision-making tools, suggestions for teaching strategies, and assessment procedures. Teachers will develop some performance tasks and learning activities to facilitate this goal as well as develop a data bank of web sites that offer lesson plans, sample tests, and science projects.

Reading in the Content Area Teachers will leave this presentation armed with reading comprehension strategies they can use the next day. Each strategy will be introduced with an attention getter or experiment that introduces the reading topic. Specific directions advising what the teacher and students should do prior to the reading, during the reading activity, and after the reading strategy. This workshop will aid teachers in taking something “off their plates” and not add to their list of daily tasks. The participant will develop a realization that this is a method to hold the student more accountable for the learning material and aid teachers in lecturing less. Another aspect of this presentation concerns empowering the school principal or director with methods of holding their teachers accountable for implementing the strategies.

Cartoon of Lucky A Final Note All my presentations center on a blend of how to captivate the attention of the student and to aid that student in developing a desire to learn more. I share proven strategies that I developed to accomplish this goal. I do not simply tell the audience my strategies. I model the approach as I use humor and spontaneity to teach several topics perceived difficult by both teachers and students. I can adapt my presentations to fill any need a school district may have in the areas of science and mathematics. My twenty-eight years of teaching has been filled with collecting thousands of quick attention getters to grab an audience in a few milliseconds. Those audiences have been composed of lawyers, teachers, state department personnel, parents, congressmen, and of course students of all ages.

Michael "Lucky" Voiselle

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