Ottawa Area ISD 
Holland, MI
2001 / 2002

Sturgis Public Schools Sturgis, MI

 Rigor and Relevance in Michigan

Participant's profile: Survey | Results

Learn more about using self-assessments to guide instruction

The Detective Game: Introduction and group problem solving

The Strategic Plan

Mock Trials for the Classroom The Courtroom: Performance planning in action

Our Mock Trial Winners!

Workshop Review Survey | Results

Participants' Review of the 2001 workshop


  Building a Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum
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The Framework: ICLE  (95 kb pdf.) 

Changing Roles: ICLE (84kb pdf.)

How Rigorous and Relevant are these tasks?  | View Results 

Performance Planning: ICLE (14kb pdf.)

Designing a Program-level Curriculum Inventory   From East Irondequoit Site

Tech Tips for the Modern Teacher (PowerPoint)      

Building Writing Skills (PowerPoint) 

Making Block Scheduling Work Website

Resources for Teachers


 Assessments to Measure Student Success
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Developing Assessments: Pappas (228 kb. pdf.) 

Sample Performance Rubrics: ICLE (30kb. pdf.)

Grade 8 Social Studies MEAP  (452kb. pdf)

Grade 11 Social Studies MEAP  (400kb. pdf) 


 Rigor and Relevance in Michigan
Strands and Sample Lessons 

Overview Of Social Studies Content Strands  

Michigan Epic: social studies materials for teachers and students

Career Pathways

Talent Freeway

Wage Finder

Self-Assessment Career Survey

Sample School to Work Site (archived version)



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Peter Pappas



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