Palm OS Software for Educators: 

GoObserve Palm-based classroom observation program

PAAM is a unique Internet-based solution that enables teachers and students to view, distribute, and provide feedback on class work and homework created using Palm OS handheld computers

GoKnow formerly HICE (Highly Interactive Computers in Education at the University of Michigan)  a collection of palm applications for the classroom along with instructions and curriculum

ScheduleFinder mobile student management tool for administrators automatically takes data from student management system for use on a Palm

ThoughtManager for Education contains more than 90 preloaded educational outlines and templates for easy reference & use.

Beret's palm applications for the K-12 curriculum

Office Suites | word processing | eBooks | document readers 

CSpotRun - freeware Palm doc reader. Use this to read docs downloaded from   |

Documents to Go - put Word, WordPerfect, Excel, etc., files in a Palm

Memoware - free public domain ebooks, texts & databases.  Classic literature, non-fiction, reference data, links, etc. Read Plato, Shakespeare, Twain, or the US Constitution on a Palm.

QuickOffice - work with Microsoft Excel and Word documents on your Palm powered Handheld! Quickoffice brings together the industry leading Quicksheet, Quickword and Quickchart apps

SmartDoc v2.0 top-rated Palm doc reader/editor

TealDoc is a full-featured reader for standard Palm OS document files and enhanced TealDoc files.

WordComplete - anticipates what you write. It speeds up text entry by showing you a pop-up list of word choices once you enter just a few letters.

WordSmith - Word processing has arrived for the Palm! Full MS Word compatibility, font support, and more


Artelope - Shape recognizing freehand Palm drawing app

AvantGo - free account & software to put webpages in a Palm. Choose from over 300 website "channels", such as NY Times, WeatherChannel, USA Today, Sky & Telescope, MapBlast, etc

JPGView - View and organize JPG Files on your PDA v

Veo camera


BugMe -  personal reminders, through handwritten and photo messaging

- faster and more natural writing on the full Palm Screen

McPhling and other hacks by Mike McCollister. Hacks are add on programs that add functionality to your Palm

PalmPrint - print Palm docs via the IR port

Spreadsheet | data collection and management 

iGraph freeware graphing calculator - Justin Manus email to:

ImagiProbe - handheld data collection software

JFile Pro - a top-rated Palm database program

MathGraph graphing calculator

Parens scientific calculator - by Rick Huebner  |

Quicksheet - a top-rated Palm spreadsheet program

QuickFormz and is software which enables simple and customizable data collection on Palm PDA's

Classroom and instructional management 

Due Yesterday - student planner for the Palm - Tom Bulatewicz

StudentMate - student planner for the Palm

2 - Teacher's Assistant Professional: Great Spirit Software, Inc.

ThoughtManager for Teachers - A powerful outliner tool and educational database that allows teachers to create and organize the hundreds of ideas, lessons, tasks, problems, solutions, and assessment data that good teaching requires.


CityZen - freeware world map, database, geography quiz

Mapopolis - maps for handhelds, library covers the entire U.S. includes every street and thousands of landmarks

PalmGlobe - freeware earthview geography program

- by A. Hofer email to:

Instructional games and activities

PalmGo & PilotGo - two programs to play Go on a Palm. FYI, Go is a 4,000 year-old Asian board game. Go is to chess, as mathematics is to accounting.\

Bell Math 2   an easy-to-use program to help 2nd grade students learn math. It is integrated with quiz and textbooks explaining all the basic concepts including count, compare, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, length, money, time, weight, capacity, shape, etc.

Kids Math and Spelling Games -


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