The Renaissance: A 6th Grade Interdisciplinary Unit 

OUTCOMES: Using knowledge and skills developed in the study of the Renaissance, students will produce a written product and/or an oral, visual, or dramatic presentation.


Guiding Questions

What is the meaning of the Renaissance?

Why did the Renaissance occur?

What were the developments of the Renaissance period?

What is the legacy of the Renaissance?


List artists of the period and tell when they lived.

Remember the qualities of medieval art.  In column 1 list those attributes and in column 2 list parallel attributes of the Renaissance.

List the techniques which were developed by Renaissance artists.

Name the period which followed the Renaissance.  When and where did that period occur?  Who were some of the artists inspired by the Renaissance?


Define Renaissance in your own words.

Explain why artists felt a need to work in a style different from medieval artists.  Explain where artists of the Renaissance went for ideas.

In your own words explain the meaning of perspective and tell how the effect of depth is achieved on a 2D surface.

Explain why the Renaissance changed art in the periods which followed the Renaissance.


Explain which qualities in these artist's works suggest that they are Renaissance artists.

How did the culture of the period influence the art and music of the Renaissance?

Demonstrate your understanding of perspective by making a perspective drawing.



Compare and contrast two artists of the period.

Outline what motivated each of the artists to work as he did.

Compare and contrast linear and aerial perspective.

Compare and contrast a Renaissance artist's work to the work done by a 20th century artist.


Make a graphic which relates the names, dates, and countries or the artists and musicians of the period.

On a graphic organizer design a time line which illustrates the cultures which influenced art and music of the Renaissance.

Create a perspective drawing in color which combines both linear and aerial perspective.

Categorize contemporary artists on a chart which demonstrates how they were influenced by the Renaissance.


Participate in a critique of early, middle and late Renaissance art. (Be certain you tell why you placed a work in a particular category.)


Evaluate your work.  why is it successful? What might you do differently next time?

Participate in a debate which questions the value of traditional vs. contemporary art.  Be able to support your position.

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