The Renaissance: A 6th Grade Interdisciplinary Unit

OUTCOME: Using knowledge and skills developed in the study of the Renaissance, students will produce a written product and/or an oral, visual, or dramatic presentation.


Guiding Questions

What is the meaning of the Renaissance?

Why did the Renaissance occur?

What were the developments of the Renaissance period?

What is the legacy of the Renaissance?


What language does Renaissance come from and what does the prefix mean?  What is the main verb?

What are the themes of the classical period that reoccurred during the Renaissance period?

Identify how the Renaissance affected language and culture.

How did the advent of the printing press affect language development and the spread of information?


Explain to your partner what Renaissance means to you.  Break down the word for your partner into its parts.

Summarize the aspects of the period that affected the Renaissance period in an essay.

Explain how different cultures borrowed from each other in terms of language and culture.

Explain what the advent of the printing press means to you.


Are there any other words where parts of the word Renaissance are seen?

Relate what you know about the classical period to the architecture and art of the Renaissance.

Demonstrate how the French, Spanish and English languages have borrowed from Latin.

Demonstrate your understanding of the effects of the printing press on language development in a collage or drawing.


Compare and contrast the word rebirth in French, Spanish, Latin and Italian.

Find evidence of the classical period in the Royal French tapestries.

Compare and contrast the language borrowing that took place during the Renaissance to our present day English.

Compare and contrast the advents of the printing press and the computer.


If the world today was in the midst of another Renaissance, what language would be used, what word or expression would be chosen, why?

Design a cartoon of a tapestry of your own that combines two distinct periods of time.

In a cooperative learning group create a new language.  Each group will incorporate or borrow words from all of the other groups.

Write a conversation between Guttenberg and Bill Gates discussing the effects of the computer on language development and the spread of information.


Do you think the French word Renaissance captures the spirit of the Renaissance?  Why?

Do you think aspects of the classical period are present in the Royal French tapestries and why?

Which language did you like the most and why?

Do you think that the Internet has affected language and the spread of information? Why?

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