The Renaissance: A 6th Grade Interdisciplinary Unit 

OUTCOMES: Using knowledge and skills developed in the study of the Renaissance, students will produce a written product and/or an oral, visual, or dramatic presentation.


Guiding Questions

What is the meaning of the Renaissance?

Why did the Renaissance occur?

What were the developments of the Renaissance period?

What is the legacy of the Renaissance?


Define the Renaissance.

List the factors that led to the Renaissance.

Identify inventions of the time using at least two sources.

State the contributions of the Renaissance.


Explain in your own words the meaning of the Renaissance.

Summarize reasons why the Renaissance occurred.

Give examples of the developments during the Renaissance period. (Ex. Movement of people to cities)

Illustrate the impact of Eastern cultures on European civilizations during the Renaissance.



Map the major crusade/trade routes. Demonstrate the role of the church in recording/preserving literature of earlier times.

Demonstrate through a model or art creation developments of the Renaissance period. Choose three changes in European civilization (1350-1600) and draw an illustration of each.



Compare the achievements of the Renaissance to Greece and Rome (i.e., architecture).

Create a flow chart (diagram) depicting the events responsible for the Renaissance.

Analyze Martin Luther's "Here I Stand" declaration and compare it to stands taken by other people.

Compare and contrast the Elizabethan theater with theater and other forms of entertainment today.


Write a letter in old English from a child living during the Renaissance to a child of the 20th century.

Design a game.

Create a Children's bill of Rights. Create a TV news show to depict an event. Imagine you are living in the 1600's and construct a collage to show life at the time.

Write at least 5 entries in your travel diary describing life at this time.



After reading The Apprentice tell how you would feel to be an apprentice.


The people of the Renaissance were affected by the invention of the printing press. Tell how advances of our time have helped move information and ideas quicker and use a timeline to depict.

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