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The Thousand Doors

"A thrilling novel.... The danger is electric and ever-threatening. ... Great fun." - Harper's Magazine

"Top drawer international intrigue, concerned with real people, real problems, and real responsibilities. ... A remarkably well-written ... novel that deserves to be at the top of the list." - Library Journal

"A highly gripping, high quality tale." - Chicago Daily News

"A crisp and unusual literary whodunit that certainly might appeal to fanciers of John Le Carre and Eric Ambler. . . . Literate and emphatic." - San Francisco Chronicle

"The wild and barbaric flavor of this adventure story is inherent in its Yugoslavian setting and in the characters' past history of war and revolution. . . . An exciting story.”  - Publishers Weekly

The Heirs of Cain

"Only in Graham Greene's work can one find comparison for this search into the human soul against the drama of a compelling story of today's political values." - Los Angeles Times

"Violence has become the idiom of the times, and Rothberg proves that he understands all the nuances, using an espionage mission as a framework for a brilliant retelling of a history of the Diaspora in this century." - Time Magazine

"The swift pace puts this on the mystery shelves, but the deeper meaning will find a wider audience."- Library Journal

"A powerful tale of espionage and vengeance." - Saturday Review

"As a spy story, The Heirs of Cain has all the suspense and modern trappings any afficionado could ask for." - Newsday

The Sword of the Golem

"An absolutely fascinating, gripping novel—eerie, haunting." —Publishers Weekly

"A novel of searing force and power. ... It is a marvel—in these days of books that leave us sour and disgruntled—to read a novel written with the passion of an Old Testament prophecy, a novel that compels us to share anguish and longing, vengefulness and love." - The New York Times Book Review

The Great Waltz

"Like a .painting by Fernand Leger, The Great Waltz is composed around machinery—the machinery of government, of intelligence, of terrorism, and that self-destroying Tinguely-like machine, the human heart...."  Sunday Times Book Review

"Rothberg focuses on our modern dilemmas...illumines moral choices in situations where we are forced to choose and unable, in all—or some—conscience to take sides.  His highly pictorial imagination (what a great film this novel would make!) shifts from our despairingly lonely private cells to our continent connections with each other, from loyalties to the betrayals that loyalties...mandate." -  Boston Herald American

The Boy and the Dolphin

This strange and haunting story about the friendship between a boy and dolphin has the quality of a modern legend.  The harsh facts of modern life are skillfully blended with centuries-old secrets of magic....Though the story is set in the Caribbean, it "feels" Greek. There is an inevitability about it, a working out-of-fate feeling, that you associate with the ancient world of the Greek gods.... It's an exceptional book, lyrical and profound, heartbreaking and exhilarating at once.
- Young Readers' Review

Abraham Rothberg's quiet The Boy and the Dolphin tells of a fisherman who knows the secret of talking with dolphins, and passes it on to his son.  Their life is hard, their friendship with the great sea-people is believable and simply stated—and leads almost inevitably to tragedy for both man and boy. - Christian Science Monitor

A distinguished piece of writing which dares to offer the young reader a fine, strong tale in the mood of true folklore rather than a mechanical entertainment.
- Meyer Levin

Based partly on folklore and legend /The Boy and the Dolphin is a fantasy with plenty of action and suspense as well as numerous quiet, tender moments.
-  School Library Journal


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