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New by Abraham Rothberg:
What Time Is It Now? Reflection on Literature and Life: Selected Essays by Abraham Rothberg

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"What Time Is It Now?" is a retrospective selection of essays, sharply observed and often humorous, that span almost half a century of reflections of modern life and literature, politics and personality. There is an essay analyzing the operations of British Secret Intelligence in the novels of John LeCarré, explorations of the conflicts between "superman" Social Darwinism and Socialism as portrayed in the works of Jack London. The collection contains a series of personal forays into the nature of modern marriage, of trying to "cultivate one's own garden" in modern life, as well as how novelists have depicted the "flawed dream" of American politics. In addition, there are analyses of Gary Snyder's poetry and their sources, Solzhenitsyn's short stories and plays and their underlying morality, and the domestic turbulence of Arnold Wesker's English dramas. Several essays also describe and dissect anti-Semitism in European life and literature, its roots and reverberations, and in one instance, in the works of T.S. Eliot.

Twenty-five previously published essays are featured:

“The Decline and Fall of George Smiley” First published in Southwest Review, Autumn, 1981.

“East End, West End: Arnold Wesker” First published in Southwest Review, Autumn 1967.

“Waiting for Wesker” First published in Antioch Review, Winter, 1964-65.

“Currents in the Literary Volga” First published in New Mexico Quarterly, Winter 1955-56.

“Solzhenitsyn’s Short Stories” First published in Kansas Quarterly, Spring, 1967.

“Solzhenitsyn’s Plays” First published in Southwest Review, Spring,  1978.

“One Day—Four Decades” First published in Southwest Review, Spring, 1971.

“The Obsession of Morality” First published in Interplay, February 1971.

“The Archipelago of Gulag”  First published in Southwest Review, Autumn, 1972.

“Moscow Englishman”  First published in Interplay, August, 1970.

“Jack London: American Myth” First published by Bantam Books, 1963.

“Old Stock: Jack London & the Valley of the Moon”  First published in Southwest Review, Autumn, 1977.    

“Land Dogs and Sea Wolves”  First published in Massachusetts Review, Autumn, 1980.

“The War in the Members: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”  First published by Bantam Books, 1967.

“The Flawed Dream: Amerian Novels of Politics” First published in Interplay, January 1968.

“Almost a Revolution” First published in Southwest Review, Winter 1967.

“A Passage to More than India: The Poetry of Gary Snyder”  First published in Southwest Review, Winter 1978.

“Styron’s Appointment in Sambuco” First published in New Leader, July 4-11, 1960.

“War Songs My Mother Sang” First published in Congress Weekly, September-October, 1996. 

“The Martyrdom of T.S. Eliot”  First published in Midstream, January 1998.

“Confusions of a Wondering Jew” Copyright © 2009. First publication.

“What Time is it Now?”  First published in Southwest Review, Summer, 1973.


Plus five new essays:


“The Taste of the Past” First publication.

“In Partial Praise of Marriage”  First publication.

“Cultivate Your Own Garden” First publication.

“The Plague Returns” First publication.

“T.S. Eliot Among the Saints and Martyrs”  First publication.


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