Curriculum Mapping for Rigor and Relevance

Resources for Building a Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

Curriculum Mapping for Rigor and Relevance (PPT) Based on the work of Heidi Hayes Jacobs - Curriculum Designers Inc 

Design for Rigor and Relevance (PPT)    

Rigor and Relevance a Personal View (PPT)    

Program Handout (57 kb pdf.) 

The Rigor and Relevance Framework: ICLE  (95 kb pdf.) 

Changing Roles (83 kb pdf.)

Performance Planning: ICLE (14kb pdf.)

Learn more about using self-assessments to guide instruction

Report Cards, Surveys and Inventories these report cards, surveys and inventories that I developed will help you to establish priority areas, identify specific benchmarks, and engage parents. 

More resources for teachers

Additional Resources
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Content Reading Strategies that Work  
Literacy strategies for academic success.
Literacy Strategies for the Multi-Ability Classroom

Read > Think > Write > Publish The power of publishing enables students to think like writers, to apply their learning strategies and to organize and express their learning.

Small Learning Communities that Work I'm proud to have been part of the creation of two small learning communities - the Ninth Grade Academy and the Summer Prep School. In each case we first, assembled a team of educators to forge a common vision of teaching and learning. Then schools were organized to accomplish this vision.

Designs for Rigor and Relevance - master rigor and relevance in your social studies classroom - lessons, activities, assessments and standards. 

Social Studies Standards I'm a former K-12 social studies coordinator  - see how you can use the web to communicate with students, faculty, administrators and parents


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