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Washington DC: Peter Pappas will serve as an advisor to the Bill of Rights Institute, based in Arlington Virginia. The Institute is the recipient of a 2006 National Endowment for the Humanities "We the People" grant designed to encourage the study of American history. It received $190,000 to develop a Web site on landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases - "Exploring Landmark Supreme Court Cases: A Document-Based Questions Approach. more

Educators have long recognized the value of actively engaging students in the role of historian. Document-based education can provide students with the chance to get ”inside” of history, and evaluate the diverse perspectives of primary and secondary sources. It’s an opportunity to engage and motivate students and teachers in a collaborative setting. 

“Teaching with Documents” is designed to help teachers and students make sense of the vast amount of source material available over the Internet, and effectively bring these resources to their work as historians. It provides easy access to analytic tools, instructional strategies, and links to source material and sample assessments

Publications by Peter Pappas:

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The History of the Bicycle: A Prezi DBQ  teach observation,  continuity and change

Timeline series:  I'm proud to serve as a consultant to Timeline a series of graphic novels that combine exciting fiction, fascinating historical facts and lavish illustrations. Reading levels 4-8. Interest levels 4-12.

What did Europeans see when they looked at the New World and the Native Americans?   A document based activity that examines European views of Native American and the New World in the Age of Exploration.

Visit my blog for Picturing Ourselves: Teaching with Visual Documents  and Using Primary Documents to Summarize

Homefront America in WW II  Improve content reading comprehension with source documents framed around essential questions that link the past and present.   

Work, Culture and Society in Industrial America  DBQ's that explore the new opportunities and social problems of the industrial era.  

Content Reading Strategies that Work  Literacy strategies for academic success. 

Great Debates  conflicting historical viewpoints and worksheets that help students analyze historic and contemporary American issues through a series of comprehension and critical thinking questions.

Find out how students can publish their own history book at Read>Think>Write>Publish.
Scroll down to In Search of Peace - A time travel book written by high school Global History students.

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The lessons and resources in this site will enable students  to look at a variety of historic documents and critically evaluate each for:




Teaching With Documents

Developed by Peter Pappas 
: www.peterpappas.com 
Showcase: www.edteck.com

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Contact me for information on bringing my workshop to your school.

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