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This site is designed to assist teachers in making the transition to skills-based standards and assessments. The developer has made an effort to organize material from two federal document collections to improve their functionality and correlation with New York State standards.

"The Learning Page" /  Library of Congress

"The Digital Classroom" /  National Archives and Records Administration

Basic Resources: the core guide to using documents in the classroom.

  • Worksheets: ready to be copied and used with students

  • Elementary: give K - 6 students practice in working with documents

  • Links to Sources: explore a variety of fine document collections

Learn More:  offers teachers additional instructional and planning tools. 

Standards:  K - 12 standards from:
NYS Regents Social Studies Skills
NYS Regents Standards

State Testing:  provides a link to the use of documents
in the New York State assessments.

Document-Based Questions
Constructed Response
Thematic Essays

Technical information on how to download images
and text from this site.

Primary Credits:

The Learning Page /   Library of Congress

The Digital Classroom /  National Archives
and Records Administration

Additional material came from:

New York State Education Department

New York State Council for the Social Studies

New York State Social Studies Supervisory Association

New York State Archives and Records Administration

Pittsford Central Schools: Social Studies Program

Theresa Noonan, 7 –12  Social Studies Supervisor
West Irondequoit Central School District

And special thanks to: Kate Gillan, K-8 Social Studies Director at  East Irondequoit and all the district teachers who produced the fine series of DBQ's and CRQ's in pdf format.

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Teaching With Documents

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