Community Action Project: Overview


The Community Action Project follows the process you might take if you were involved in a personal or group effort to resolve a problem in the community.

Working in groups of four students, you will research a community problem of interest to you, plan a course of action to resolve the problem and then follow an action plan to hopefully achieve results.

This project will be a major component of your final course grade. Your group will be graded on each phase of the project - your group efforts, organization and accomplishments. All papers will be typed, no late papers accepted. (Note due dates.)

Step #1 - Defining the Problem - Due November 4

During this phase your group will:

  • Discuss a number of problems faced by our community - school, village, town, city, county, state or federal.

  • Follow an assigned format to agree on one problem to study in depth.

  • Focus on defining the one problem for in-depth study.

  • Isolate answers to key questions about the problem.

Step #2 - The Search for a Solution - Due November 25

During this phase your group will:

  • Collect and analyze information on your problem.

  • Generate possible alternative to solve the problem.

  • Evaluate alternative solutions and decide on the best alternative to pursue.

  • Decide on an action plan to promote your solution.

  • Develop a written and oral presentation of your work to class.

Step #3 - The Action Phase - Progress report due December 16

During this phase your group will:

  • Work with appropriate governmental and civic groups to promote your solution.

  • Document your attempts to follow the action plan.

  • Prepare and deliver an interim progress report by December 16.

Step #4 - The Final Assessment - Due January 21

During this phase your group will:

  • Follow your action plan to reach your goals.

  • Prepare a final review and assessment of the project to be presented to class which includes:

  • Report on your interaction with the community

  • The successes and shortcomings of the action plan.

  • Proposed revisions for your action plan.


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International Center for Leadership in Education


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