Student Final Projects

Mr. Pappas

The goal of this project is to investigate patterns of social values and norms among different groups of people. Students worked in teams to identify a research question and conduct a survey to find an answer to their question. They then develop a website to highlight their project and findings. Link to Assignment

Survey 1: How do perceptions about the right to bear arms differ between gun owners and non-owners? 

Survey 2: What are teenagers movie preferences? 

Survey 3: How do people react to the handicapped? 

Survey 4: Do smoker feel ostracized?

Survey 5: Are men and women looking for different qualities in the opposite sex?

Survey 6: How do different people perceive the problem of alcohol use among high school students? 

Survey 7:How do opinions about teen sex differ between genders?

Survey 8: How does gender impact patriotism?

Survey 9: How prevalent is drug and alcohol use in high school

Survey 10: Drinking habits among seniors and freshman


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