Survey Techniques


Overview: This project served as the final exam to assess student skills in sociological research. The goal of this project was to use quantitative methods to investigate patterns of social values and norms among different groups of people.

Students worked in teams to identify a research question and conduct a survey to find an answer to their question. They then used a design template to develop a website to highlight their project and findings. 

Many students built their own on-line surveys at: (Note: they were given some assistance using the "workwork" wizard.)

Try a sample survey

See the survey results

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Project web template

Link to website design guide

Link to Project Rubric

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Step #1: Form a research group of 2 or 3 students.

Step #2: Develop a research question. This should clearly state the specific question you wish to answer.

Research Question Due January 5

Sample Research Questions:

  • Do teenagers have the same values as their parents (or teachers)?

  • Do adults of different ages (or genders / religions / races) share the same values?

  • How do teenagers of different ages or genders feel about a particular issue?

  • Do different groups of people differ in their perceptions of what constitutes acceptable norms or deviant behaviors?

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Step #3: Develop a research plan to gather the information. Written plan due Jan 7th.
Be sure to answer each of the following questions:
  • What questions will your survey ask?
  • Who will you ask?
  • How will you record the questions and answers?
  • How will you analyze the data to answer the research question?
  • How will you organize the team to carry out the research?

Step #4: Do the research.
(Survey conducted and
analyzed Jan 6 - 13).

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Step #5: Develop a website that includes each of  the following elements:
Due Jan 20th
  1. Start page / site guide
  2. The research question and why it's important .
  3. A sample survey
  4. The people you polled
  5. Evaluation method
  6. Answer to the research question.
  7. What you learned from the project.
  8. Links to 5 other sites

Students were given minimal training in website design using FrontPage ’98 software on January 6-7
and had lab time to work on the project analysis and presentation
Jan 6-19

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