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Parenting Workshops

with Dr. Gil Gockley
 and Tanya Gockley

At Summer Prep School we believe that the cooperation and teamwork of parent, student and teacher is essential to success.

A series of Parents' Workshops are held in Room 403 of Pittsford Middle School from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Currently we have over 75 parents participating in the program.

  • Workshops for parents of 5th graders: July 11, 18 and 25.

  • Workshops for parents of 6th, 7th and 8th graders: July 12, 19, and 26.    

These workshops are designed to support and inform the parents with practical activities and techniques in communications, discipline, academic support and problem solving. They will be led by Dr. Gil Gockley and Tanya Gockley authors of Loving Is Natural, Parenting Is Not: Creating a Value-centered Family

Session One: Parenting Overview
Session Two:  A New Approach to Problem-solving
Session Three: Parent Support Through Problem-solving

Loving Is Natural, Parenting Is Not: Creating a Value-centered Family combines a unique and comprehensive approach to parenting with practical and easy-to-use solutions to the current struggles of disciplining and teaching values to children.

Comments about last summer's Parenting Workshops:

  • "Over the last 4 weeks – my relationship with my daughter has grown by leaps and bounds!! This program has helped me to identify the behaviors she exhibits that trigger me to get upset. The whole family has had benefits, especially with improvements in communications. More concrete boundaries and expectations have been established and our family life had been more relaxed, peaceful, and less stressful. Thank you for offering our expertise. I have looked forward to Tuesday evenings this summer."
  • "The Parent’s Program was wonderful."
  • "The parent program was excellent. More parents should be encouraged to attend."
  • "It presents a comfortable, safe atmosphere to express our feelings and concerns. Many good approaches are introduced. Non-threatening and supportive."
  • "Excellent ideas that give hope and practical solutions. Not enough time was available for participant’s issues to be heard. Half or full day workshops would be a suggestion."
  • "A very well thought out program. Really got some helpful and practical ideas, which I have put into practice and found they work."
  • "Practical solutions for our family to try. We are using many of the ideas that we discussed."
  • "Good opportunity to be insightful – objective."
  • "Very good ideas – you have a monumental task to accomplish."

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Dr. Gil Gockley received Ed.M. and Ed.D. degrees from the University of Rochester in Guidance and Counseling in 1969 and 1973, respectively, and a C.A.S. degree from SUNY. Brockport in Educational Administration in 1977. He is celebrating over thirty years as an educator. Gil has worked as an elementary school teacher, counselor/guidance specialist (elementary, middle and secondary schools), assistant college professor (undergraduate and graduate levels), central office administrator and national consultant, workshop leader, presenter and writer in the areas of life/career education, parenting, family, citizenship and character development. He is the co-author of Career Insights and Self-awareness Games (Houghton Mifflin, 1973), classroom interactive career development games and author of Classroom Super Teams (Life/Career Education, 1987), a K-6 elementary school character development program that teaches common values such as kindness, cooperation and patience to students.

Tanya Tihansky Gockley received a B.S. degree from S.U.N.Y. Brockport in K-6 Elementary Education and Studio Art in 1972 and a M.S. degree from Nazareth College of Rochester in Elementary Education and Art Education in 1983. Since 1966, Tanya has worked as a mother, artist, designer, teacher, writer and national presenter and workshop leader in the areas of parenting, family, citizenship and character development.

Gil and Tanya co-authored Loving Is Natural, Parenting Is Not: Creating a Value-centered Family (Coleman Press, 1997), a comprehensive book on parenting sold internationally that teaches parents how to develop mutual respect, to be in-charge and to be in-a-place-of-love with their children. They have recently co-authored World Class Citizens: a middle school character development program (Coleman Press, 1998) and are in the process of revising Classroom Super Teams: becoming a better neighbor.

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