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Summer Prep School: Week 3


Important Dates:

July 21: Activity day  
5th Indoor climbing at Rock Ventures  | Rock Photos

6th 8th Ropes courses on the BOCES Rush Campus | Ropes Photos

 Class Summaries: Week 3  | Class Photos

5th Library: Candice Lucas, Stacey Ehrig

HEROES: Our hero projects are completed!  Our posters are beautiful.  We made a calendar to organize our work schedule, learned how to use the middle school's library catalog, navigated the Internet and even learned how to print pictures responsibly (without violating copyright or wasting paper!!). We sure learned a lot from our heroes.  We used their admirable qualities, and ours, to compose our own Mission Statement.  You can create your own Mission Statement


We watched a cool video that taught us how to avoid unnecessary conflict.  Through discussion and role-play, we practiced the new techniques.  Ask us about:

·    Getting the Facts

  • Active Listening
  • The Importance of Body Language and Tone of Voice
  • "I" Messages
  • Brainstorming Solutions That Work for Everybody

We will use these skills next week when we work in groups to complete another web quest - this time about volcanoes!! We can't believe that we only have one week left!!  In anticipation of our free time in August, we created a booklist  for our new friends.

5th English: Judy Adair, Stephanie Perlet

All of our fifth graders should be enjoying that sweet feeling of accomplishment after working through the entire writing process and successfully publishing their compare and contrast essays!  The week began with the students writing their first draft based on their prewriting work.  After drafting the essay, both independent and teacher-guided revising and editing occurred.  Everyone seemed to be proud of his or her final copy!  Great work everyone!!

The rest of our class time this week was spent READING! The children read more spine-tingling, eerie, spooky stories independently, with a partner, or in a small group.  To help the students focus on the main story elements, story maps were completed. As always, encourage your students to continue reading!!

5th Learning Skills: Andy Morrow, Jennifer Soloman

What does it take to be a STAR in sixth grade? For the answer- ask your son or daughter! This week in Study Skills we focused on test taking responsibilities.  To be a test taking S.T.A.R. We discovered that we need to:

  • Survey the test
  • take Time to plan our attack
  • Answer the questions carefully
  • Review at the end.

In addition we spent time on the responsibilities of a sixth grader and how these relate to success. We also outlined the different types of questions that show up on exams and the various strategies that can be used in each situation. Students finished the week by being introduced to their final project for the course. Come to the Summer Prep Celebration Thursday night and see our students shine!

5th Math: Raina Debboli, Heather Kitchen

Decimals were introduced at the beginning of the week. We discussed how decimals are used in the real world. Many of the students realize that you need to know how to use decimals with money. We discussed all of the places that money is used, such as stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. Once the students were aware of why decimals were important, we reviewed place value.  The students practiced writing and saying decimals. On Tuesday, the students were given a menu called  “The Spectacular Student Café.” Part of the menu had been designed, but another part needed development. Therefore, the students had an opportunity to develop some of their own prices and items that would be a part of the menu.

After the menu was designed, we reviewed adding and subtracting decimals. The students were given some scenarios where they had to apply addition and subtraction of decimals. The next day, we taught the students how to multiply and divide decimals. Again, the students used the menu and their knowledge of multiplication and division of decimals to figure out different problems. On Thursday, the students had a chance to order their own meal from the menu. They had to use the skills that they had learned throughout the week to figure out the total cost of their imaginary meal.  At that point, they worked with a partner and figured out the total for their group of two. The next task was for each group to pay for their meal at the cash register. Unfortunately, our restaurant did not have real cash registers!  So, the cashiers had to figure out the change on pencil and paper. The groups of students switched roles, so that they were able to shop and act as a cashier. Ask your child what happened if they ordered a sundae from the menu. All in all this was a practical learning experience that the kids enjoyed and had some fun with. 

6 – 8 Upper School

English: Pamina Abkowitz, Jill Wahl

We busily revised, edited, and created final copies of our song reviews this week.  One on one writing conferences were held to support the students throughout the writing process. The trickiest parts were making sure all the essential details were included and incorporating powerful adjectives. 
Check out some sample reviews on our web page!
  Many students were pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out. Hopefully, some more confidence was gained. 

To continue reading comprehension skills practice students read a short selection called “A Street Kid’s Guide” from a collection called Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. Students then responded to several open-ended questions using higher levels of thinking and their own experiences. The selection prompted some reflection and discussion of real life goal setting. Later in the week a short story called “Parting Ways” from Bluejean Magazine, a local publication of student work, provided the scenario for interpretation. The theme was friendship and students were asked to not only analyze the story, but to link real life situations to the plot. The week was rounded out by a review of parts of speech in a passage about Troy Aikman.

To complete this week on a creative note, students composed acrostic poems about their experiences in Summer Prep. Remember to take a look at these reflections next Thursday at the Open House.  hey will be on display in Room 406 along with the writing binders for the program.  

Learning Skills: MaryLynn Gleason, Dave Providence, Brett Provenzano

The premise of the Study Skills course has been about developing life long skills that help all students become effective learners.  We have given your children the processes and the formula for success.  Fundamental themes include:

The success formula: Organization + Attention + Effort = Success

  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Analogies
  • Context Clues
  • Awareness
  • Thinking Skills:  from the concrete to the abstract
  • Prioritize

These higher-level skills are fundamental to all learning experiences and have been reiterated throughout this course.  It has been inspiring to see your learner’s enthusiasm and engagement in our activities.  Each student’s involvement and personal knowledge have invigorated our skills’ class.

This week our student’s were actively engaged in solving the State mandated Document Based Questions.  We analyzed documents that focused on leaders and their impact on society.  From Gandhi to Martin Luther King we evaluated primary sources and assessed the critical attributes of leaders.   

Students have taken risks to reveal what they know and have leaped from the concrete to the abstract.  In particular, Hari and Thar were indispensable when we discussed a document dealing with Mohandas K. Gandhi. Other insights from Dan and Ian brought their respective classes to new levels with a clear and deeper understanding of leadership. Students will follow-up this activity next week by writing their essay on leadership in English class.  

We feel confident that each one of our students will excel and flourish in any academic environment.  They have exemplified the many necessary skills to experience success.   Now, we are relying on you, the parents, to reinforce the processes that we have begun in Summer Prep.  Please encourage your child to apply the fundamental skills, which they have learned. Some simple activities include, reading the newspaper, using context clues, keeping a daily learning log and writing a  “to do” list.  Remember that everything worth doing well is about process, practice and implementation.  Thank you for your support!

Math: Kathy Curtis, Jeremy Duntley, Kim Mrva  

Math 6: This week 6th graders discovered the meaning of proportional by exploring real-world examples having a constant ratio. Students have been sharpening several basic skills to prepare them for a culminating project involving a variety of concepts. Topics reinforced this week have included decimal operations, ratios, proportions, measurement, and solving word problems using proportions. Students, for example, calculated the unit price of items and also modified a recipe based on different serving amounts. These problems have enabled them to see many practical applications involving proportions in everyday life.

Math 7: This week 7th graders have been reviewing the area of various geometric figures. Students have been solving problems incorporating real-world situations that require area and/or perimeter to be applied. In addition, complex problems have been introduced in which students have been encouraged to work together, as well as share their problem-solving techniques with the whole class.  Students have created and solved their own shaded area problem involving at least 3 figures. Throughout the week many topics have been reinforced including decimal operations, geometric figures, area formulas, estimating, and problem-solving strategies.

Math 8: At the beginning of the week the 8th graders reviewed the concept of graphing lines using a table. Students also learned and practiced another method used to graph lines, which will be frequently used in their math class next year!   In addition, graphing calculators were used to graph several equations and discuss various relationships between lines. Concepts reinforced this week have included integers, isolating variables, order of operations, graphing, and patterns.

Technology: Brian Holliday, Terry VanDerLinden

The 6th grade students launched their water rockets on Thursday.  They will check the best water to air ratio for their size bottle to reach the optimal altitude of the water rocket.  In addition to this they will also be calculation the altitude of the water rockets.  Most reached heights of 350 ft. on average.  The students will also find out how aerodynamic their rockets are by visual inspection of the flight and add that into their analysis of the rockets. The students are currently working on their own personal web pages that will be posted on the Summer Prep 2000 web page.

The 7th grade students will launch their solid fuel model rockets. All rocket engines are the same so the biggest factor in the height the rocket will reach is the overall aerodynamics of the rocket.  Factors that affect the rockets are the smoothness of the rocket body tube, how straight the fins were placed on the body tube and the total overall weight of the rocket.  Students will also be calculating the altitude that the rockets attain.  Most rockets reached heights on average of 380 ft. The students are currently working on their own personal web pages that will be posted on the Summer Prep 2000 web page.

The 8th grade students have finished their personal web pages so parents and friends will be able to access them through the Summer Prep 2000-web site.  The 8th grade students are also working on maintaining a student section of the Summer Prep 2000-web site.  In addition to their personal web pages students have been assigned to various subjects that the Summer Prep program covers.  Using their English skills in report writing students will update the web site every week.  There will also be pictures of Friday Fun.

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