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Music Reviews: 6 - 8 English

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Blink 182 is a popular pop-rock band. I chose “Adam’s Song” off their third album Enema of the State because it has really meaningful story to it. This song is unique compared to the rest of album because all the other songs are faster and more upbeat. One line is “I never thought I’d die alone, I laughed the loudest, who’d have known.”  He’s talking about suicide.  He sounds lonely, no one paid attention to him. This is not like most of their other songs. This song was written because the lead singer was going to commit suicide on tour, so he wrote a song about it. Another group similar to Blink 182 is Phoenix TX. Blink 182 sponsored them and in fact created the group. On a scale of one to ten, this song rates a seven because I think it is a little to slow for my taste of music. I recommend this song to everybody because it has a good story and makes sense for a lot of people.

Sheryl Crowe “All I Want To Do”

Sheryl Crowe sings pop rock and I think she is one of the best pop rock artists ever.  I think her best song was “All I Want To Do.  That was a really good song because of the great beat that goes with it and it is just one of those songs that sticks.  This Sheryl Crow is different from any other artist because of her great beats.  This song is different from any of those songs on the CD because it is the only song that sticks with you.  One excellent line from that exceptional song was, “All I want to do is have some fun. I don’t think I’m the only one.”  On a scale from one to ten I rate this song a ten because of its exciting beat and it’s a great song.  I would recommend this song to anybody who likes to sing.  


Fenixtx: “Its All My Fault”

While watching the MTV movie Jailbait I heard the song “Its All My Fault” by Fenixtx and I was surprised.  I really hadn’t heard a song like that before.  The reason this song is appealing to me is because I like the beat and lyrics.  This song is slower then their other songs but still has a good beat.  It has less vulgar language than the rest of the songs on the CD.  In the first verse, some of the lyrics was “Tell me something that’s sure to break my heart.”  The reason for that is because they want their girlfriends to say something bad about them so that they can break up with them.  But, Then Again it’s their fault for telling them to say that stuff about them.  In the Punk Rock culture they are the only band sponsored by one of their favorite bands.  (Blink182)  I really enjoy everything about this song.  This song and band is sort of like heavy metal but not really as graphic, not as much drums, and not as loud.  I would recommend this song to my friend Kyla and Cousin Tena because they can relate to this song. I would rate this song a TEN because it rocks and it was one of the best songs on the CD.  If you like to dance or skate I would recommend this song for you! 

Courtney M.

Eiffel 65 was created last year.  They are a techno group.  They are popular on the radio.  The song “I’m Blue”, is off their debut album.  One example of the lyrics is “I’m blue da ba dee”.  They feel this way inside and show it on the outside.  This group uses a lot of synthesizers and cool voices and effects.  In this song there are funky different voices.  This song is similar to the other songs on the CD, because all the songs have sort of the same beat.  I like all of Eiffel 65’s songs.  They are different from other bands because they have more spunk.  With a rating from one to ten for the song “I’m Blue” I would rate it a nine.  The reason being it could have been a little longer.  I could recommend this song to many people.  Because it is very interesting and weird in a cool way.  I really like listening to this song “I’m Blue”!  

Daniel M.

I love classical music. One of my favorite songs is the Ode to joy by Beethoven. I like the song’s rhythm and lyrics.   

James F.

Montell Jordan, “Get It On Tonight”

“Now she’s lookin’ at you, keep talkin’, now she’s tryin’ to ice you, start walkin’.  Over on the dance floor. Her fault was talking to you, tell me baby yeahhh…  “Those are smooth lyrics from the r+b singer Montell Jordan.  Those lyrics describe a club scene of jealousy, and a girl Montell is involved with.  Montell has been making relaxing, and club hits since “This Is How We Do It” which blew up on the spot.  Most of Montell’s songs are slower, but some aren’t.  I think this song reflects his style because he usually makes songs for the ladies like this one.  I think Montell is different because he has a unique, smooth voice.  I would rate this song a perfect ten.  “Get It On Tonight” has it all.  So if you are looking for a good slow jam or something to dance to, I would cop this CD.

Jesse H.

Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar”

Pink Floyd is a Fantastic band. Their first album was made in 1967 called, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Their latest album they put out was called The Wall In Concert, that was put out in May 2000.                                            

The song, “ Have A Cigar ’’ off the album Wish You Were Here, was a huge hit in 1975. Their style of music is really relaxing, but there is tons of rock. This song is very different from the album because the other songs use instruments like the acoustic guitar, organ, saxophone, and tons of vocals. This song uses keyboards, electric guitar, bass and drums. I would compare this song to “Jamaica” because the lyrics are really different but the music sounds similar. I would recommend this song to anyone who is making a lot of money in the music industry. I would rate this song an eight out of ten because the music sounds good but I did expect a lot more from them. “ Everything else is just green, have you seen the charts, it’s a Helena start it could be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team.” That line means that they are making a lot of money and they are doing really good on the billboard chart and they are in the making of another album. Overall I think that Pink Floyd is the best band ever.

Matt Z.

Cristina Aguilara is a really terrific singer. ”Reflection” is a song that I like because it’s got a catchy tune and lyrics. She sang this song in the Disney movie Mulan. She is a pop singer. I would rate this song a nine because it could be a tad bit longer. This song is very different from the rest of the CD because this song is more peaceful and the other songs are more rappy. My favorite line in this song would be “when will my reflection show who I am inside?” This line touches me because it’s asking when will her feelings will come out? I would recommend this song to anyone because it is a really powerful song. Cristina Aguilara is very different from Britney Spears because Britney Spears can’t sing and Cristina Aguilara can. 

Vanessa G.  

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