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"Great Fun In Spanish"

a collaboration between Hilton, Churchville-Chili and the Rochester City School districts.

"Tired of all the boring old work that the teachers hand out to you? Want something created for kids by kids? Well, here you have it! This activity book was designed to make learning Spanish more fun. It will help you learn the language by doing fun activities."
Signed, The Student Editors, 
Great Fun in Spanish

Student publishing is a powerful strategy for involving students in school-to-work learning experiences. "There is something that clicks," says Kay Baier,  7th grade Spanish teacher at Churchville-Chili Middle School, "when you tell kids they can be involved in publishing a book. They have a mission and a purpose for their work." 

"The image of a real book with a real audience is exciting to kids," says Joanne Filotas, a Spanish and French teacher at the Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, who also participated. "I knew this would be a lot of work, but I was very interested in exploring ways to connect school-to-work skills with the curriculum." 

In the book's introduction, Ms. Baier writes, "The Spanish activity book project succeeded in bringing real life work experience to my seventh grade students. I challenged them to create activities in Spanish that would be fun rather than boring like the homework I give." Forty five of her students accepted the challenge and met after school once a week for two months. 

The finished product, which we are making available through The Monroe School/Business Partnership, was a collaboration between Hilton, Churchville-Chili and the Rochester City School districts. Book production took place at Benjamin Franklin High School, where Franklin students helped the middle school students with design and printing.


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