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what's new

The next tour is being scheduled for April or May 2001. There will probably be two or three regional tours in 2001.  Locations have yet to be determined and will depend, to a large extent, on where I find enough hosts.  New England is likely.
The first exhibition of IAP paintings, at the Taylor Gallery, in Meredith, NH went very well.  Featuring 90 of the 200 studies executed during the first two tours, the show received a very gratifying response from the public, widespread notice in the regional media and a feature article in the Valley News, the area’s main newspaper. 

 An excellent article on the IAP also appeared recently in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle.  Written by Jim Memmott (no relation), it provides a fine overview of the project after its first year. 


Commission a set of landscape paintings:

If there is a place that has special meaning to you, consider having me paint it. Through my IAP work, I have found that a small series of landscape studies in one location can provide a highly satisfying interpretation of the place’s beauty, spirit and “feel”.  Either during or outside my regular IAP touring, I accept commissions for location work.  If I am not touring in your area, there is a nominal charge for transportation expenses along with the cost per painting.  For a set of three or more studies, hospitality may be exchanged for one of the paintings.  I can also do individual landscape paintings and, when necessary, work from photographs. 

Art Instruction:

I am currently offering private instruction in drawing and painting and personal creativity consulting. This is primarily for people living in the Rochester (NY) area.  Creativity consulting (or “coaching”) is an individualized and in depth approach to developing skills, motivation and direction in the visual arts.  It is for anyone from beginning level to professional who is not sure how to set out on the path toward creative expression or whose interests are simply not met by standard teaching approaches.

The new web site documenting the first tour in detail, with 150 paintings and sketches as well as journal notes from the road has been delayed but should be up by late spring, 2001.  This site will also handle sale of original paintings as well as greeting cards and other reproductions of paintings done on tour. The site is still in progress at the time of this update (2/25/01).  Until its completion, anyone wishing to see more work or inquire about purchasing artwork should contact me directly.


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