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IAP Tours

In early spring of the year 2000, I left Rochester, NY for Washington DC, beginning what turned out to be a rather demanding 10,000 mile painting trip across the USA and back.  In the 11 weeks of this first IAP tour, I made 31 stops (avg. stay 2-3 days) in 17 states, mostly staying with people I’d never met before and painting about 150 small landscape studies.
Click on IAP TOUR ART to see a selection of paintings from the first IAP trip.

Touring resumed in November 2000, with a circuit through New England, and will continue, in a periodic fashion, at least through the next few years.  Touring plans and updates will be included in the What’s New section of this web site. The itineraries of the first 2 tours are printed below:


March 31 - June 14, 2000

1 Washington DC     
2 Frenchtown, MD
3 Chapel Hill1, NC
4 Chapel Hill2, NC
5 Hot Springs,
6 Knoxville, TN
7 Nashville, TN
8 Fayetteville, ARK
9 Denton, TX
10 Austin1, TX
11 Austin2, TX
12 Portal, AZ 

13 Tucson, AZ
14 Phoenix, AZ
15 Hollywood, CA
16 Watsonville, CA
17 San Francisco, CA

18 Placerville, CA
19 Mono Lake, CA
20 Las Vegas, NV
21 Green River, UT
22 Denver, CO
23 Taos, NM
24 Salida, CO
25 Burlingame, KS
26 Decorah, IO
27 Stoughton, WI
28 Chicago, IL
29 Allerton, IL
30 Ann Arbor, MI
31 Buffalo, NY


New England, Part I
November 4-22, 2000

1 Weston, VT
2 Portsmouth, NH
3 Bethel, ME
4 Martha’s Vineyard, MA
5 Providence, RI



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