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Summer Prep Parent’s Comments:

"The Summer Prep School experience was a positive one for our daughter. Peter Pappas and his staff designed a terrific program and coupled it to truly exceptional execution. There was no doubt in the minds of the students or parent that the entire staff really cared!  A nice preliminary session set a positive, 'up' tone. Our daughter looked forward to attending every session, and came away with some new skills, a more positive attitude about school, and most importantly a positive attitude about herself. Thanks to Peter Pappas, to the Prep School staff, to the School Board, and the Administrative Staff for the roles you all played in making this valuable experience possible."

"I just wanted to 'Thank You' to you all the teaching staff of the Summer Prep School for taking the time and effort to help our children that needed that extra instruction, to prepare them for the new season."

"The Summer Prep School was the best thing that could have happened to my daughter this summer. She struggled throughout the school year - and with the frustration of struggling, she lost confidence and enthusiasm for school in general. However, this excellent program spurred in her a renewed interest in learning. Every day as I picked her up, she had a fun and exciting anecdote to tell me about. She absolutely loved her writing class - Mrs. Wahl did an excellent job encouraging her, and believe it showed as I am leafing through her folder tonight at Open House. I would like to thank Mr. Pappas for his extreme enthusiasm and support of our daughter at a very difficult personal as well as scholastic juncture in her life. I’m very glad to have been part of Summer Prep ’99 - thank you all for a job well done."

"My daughter really enjoyed her time at Prep School and plans to use what she has learned to better organize and prepare herself this year. You all did such a great job! As a parent I am very happy the school was able to offer such a valuable program to enhance and prepare the kids for a new school year. It really gave her a sense of how important organizational skills are going to affect her, for the rest of her life. It is a terrific concept and greatly appreciated by my daughter and myself. Please pass along our sincere appreciation to all the people involved in the Prep School Summer Program."

"Our daughter gives your program her highest rating, "Yeah, it’s OK." Thanks for all the good effort, and a very nice website…."

"My daughter enjoyed the program. She looked forward to each class and the teachers were very enthusiastic. I would like to see such a program continue, not only in the summer, but also during the school year to help students who need that "extra" help. Thank you all for your time and interest."

"Our daughter really enjoyed the Friday activities. She thought her organizational skills improved and enjoyed the English class very much."

"I found the school website to be a very useful design and good information."

"Every subject was helpful…"

"My daughter is on the quiet side and she wouldn’t share a lot about her daily activities in school, but she seemed as if she enjoyed the program – especially the social side of it. She liked making the bridge."

"It started out with a grunt but ended with a smile and I never had to wake her up at 7:30 - "BRAVO."


Comments about our Parenting Workshops:

  • "Over the last 4 weeks – my relationship with my daughter has grown by leaps and bounds!! This program has helped me to identify the behaviors she exhibits that trigger me to get upset. The whole family has had benefits, especially with improvements in communications. More concrete boundaries and expectations have been established and our family life had been more relaxed, peaceful, and less stressful. Thank you for offering our expertise. I have looked forward to Tuesday evenings this summer."
  • "The Parent’s Program was wonderful."
  • "The parent program was excellent. More parents should be encouraged to attend."
  • "It presents a comfortable, safe atmosphere to express our feelings and concerns. Many good approaches are introduced. Non-threatening and supportive."
  • "Excellent ideas that give hope and practical solutions. Not enough time was available for participant’s issues to be heard. Half or full day workshops would be a suggestion."
  • "A very well thought out program. Really got some helpful and practical ideas, which I have put into practice and found they work."
  • "Practical solutions for our family to try. We are using many of the ideas that we discussed."
  • "Good opportunity to be insightful – objective."
  • "Very good ideas – you have a monumental task to accomplish."


Students said, "One skill I learned in Summer Prep School was..."

  • Note taking
  • To think about what I think.
  • Learning how to write Cornell notes.
  • How to study better.
  • My study skills
  • How to organize my notes
  • I learned to organize.
  • How to organize my self.
  • Building a bridge.
  • That I like doing Cornell note taking method.
  • To do list.
  • Organizational skills
  • "To Do" lists.


Students said, "What I like the most about Summer Prep School was..."

  • The teachers’ attention
  • The teachers
  • The reviews
  • Knowing that it would help me in the 8th grade.
  • Math class
  • English
  • I liked how all the teachers made learning fun.
  • The rock climbing
  • The activities on Fridays, especially the ropes course.
  • The "breakfast club" with your friends.
  • Learning different things
  • Learning new ways of note taking
  • Tech lab


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