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I developed this site in 1999, while serving as the Social Studies Coordinator at Pittsford CSD. This site includes the social studies standards used by the district. 

I later served as Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at East Irondequoit CSD. Now I work full time as a trainer. For more of my projects and publications go to

Here are some of my additional social studies sites.

Teaching With Documents a guide to document- based instruction. Winner of Philadelphia Inquirer's "10 Best Educational Sites" Recommended by DistrictAdministration Magazine's Dr. Hotlist

Great Debates in American History units feature the conflicting viewpoints of two or more historical figures or organizations and a worksheet that helps students analyze the debate through a series of comprehension and critical thinking questions. 

Mock Trials for the Classroom Mock trials embody critical thinking in the classroom. Over the years I wrote a number of cases which proved to be effective tools for improving student analytic skills. 

Content Reading Strategies that Work  Literacy strategies for academic success. 

Professional Development That Works Strategies, Solutions and Innovations for Technology Leaders

Rigor and Relevance - master rigor and relevance in your social studies classroom - lessons, activities, assessments and standards.  

Work, Culture and Society in Industrial America  Document based questions that explore the new opportunities and social problems of the industrial era

Civic Decision Making  each activity defines an issue, gives background information, and summarizes arguments for and against a particular solution to a problem.

Sociology a good model of how you can use a website to support classroom instruction. Makes use of a variety of on-line resources

Technology Connections That Work  forge students, teachers, administrators, and parents into effective educational partners

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